2018 -2019 Financial Information
Parents & Students: you can get $50 off your monthly bill, every month for the current year, if you bring to us another paying student! If you desire to pay by semester, you will receive a 5% discount! If you desire to pay by year, you WILL receive a 10% discount! Get your kid(s) enrolled today!  Don't forget to check out our Calendar to see what events we have coming up!

Now you can also PAY ONLINE through Adventist School Pay:

Springdale Adventist School is happy to announce that you
can now pay your tuition bill online. We accept ACH, debit,
and credit card payments. If you don’t have a child in the school,
you too may donate to the school online. All you have to do is
click on Adventist School Pay or the Pay Online button to the left
and follow the instructions & set up your account today.

Thank you in advance for your support of Adventist Education!

Financial Information
Constituent Tuition  Monthly (10 months) Per Year
1 Student  $380  $3,800
Non Constituent Tuition Monthly (10 months) Per Year
1 Student $450 $4,500
Grades 1-8
Constituent Tuition: Monthly (10 months) Per Year
1 Student  $350  $3,500
2 Students $610 $6,100
3 Students  $810 $8,100
4 Students  $950 $9,500
Non Constituent Tuition: Monthly (10 months) Per Year
1 Student $400 $4,000
2 Students $710 $7,100
3 Students $960 $9,600
4 Students $1,150 $11,500
Non-Refundable Registration:
Per Year
Early Registration: 
If your registration fee is paid by July 1st, you receive $25.00 off
Yearly Plan:
If the whole year’s tuition is paid in before the
  1st day of school, you receive 10% off
Semester Plan:
If the whole semester’s tuition is paid before the
  1st day of each semester, you receive 5% off
School Website:
  School bills may be paid online